WP2: HMIX Creation

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WP2: HMIX Creation

The main task of this WP will be to identify errors, extract data and perform an analysis.


General Concepts

The HMIX (Hybrid Model Input XML) File is an XML file containing information of the transmission as well as of the decoded data. Relevant parameters from traced PCAP files are collected and are merged with significant parts of decoding traces. The result represents the input of the hybrid model and is visualized in the following picture.


(Origin: hybrid_input.pdf)


Status: concept exists
* Only Hybrid_Input.pdf or is there something else?


Status:in development by Lucjan, uses PCAP files, performs data extraction and returns an Annex B Stream von H.264

JM Decoder

Status: decoding, error concealment, done by Nicholas and ...


* Tracefile_generation.doc

Registration with received PVS

Matching PVS frame and source frame

Status: todo 

Details about the merging process

Merging display order and parameter: “Find a solution to merge the PCAP and RTP data with the JM data”

Status: todo

Examples on how to create the HMIX files

from PCAP files (default)

Status: not available yet?

from other sources (e.g. undistorted + packet loss log)

Status: not available yet ?


Any aspect of this work package can be discussed on this section of the JEG forum.