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Virtual Machine


The VQEG JEG project created a VirtualBox image using the OpenSuSE distribution in order to store all executables and source codes that are collected and/or created in this project.

The purpose of the VirtualBox is to simplify collaborative work and notably reproducible research by providing a common basis of algorithms. One of the difficulties in research is that standard algorithms may remain important for a duration that exceeds the lifetime of operating systems - from small interface changes to required libraries up to CPU architecture changes. It is believed that a Virtual Machine may be executed easily even in 10 or 20 years from now.


The VQEG JEG group has several ways of collaboration on software. The master Virtual Machine is currently hosted as a VirtualBox at IRCCyN, University of Nantes by Marcus Barkowsky. It runs on a desktop PC and is accessible remotely. It is also backed up every Sunday on the ftp server in the mbarjeg1 user directory "virtualbox/current_jeg". For details on access to the VirtualBox, please contact Marcus Barkowsky.


VQEG-JEG uses the following terms:

External Source Code 
Source code that is imported into VQEG projects from external projects, notably libraries
Internal Source Code 
Source code that has been produced as part of VQEG projects. Contributions may come from many projects, notably the MOAVI project.
External Programs 
Executables that are required for the work within VQEG. The license of these executables shall allow for free sharing of the VirtualBox.
Internal Programs 
Executables that have been created by members of VQEG for the use in projects of VQEG. Notably compiled versions of Internal Source COde fall within this category
Raw Video Data 
Any file that contains uncompressed video data. Possible file formats include YUV, AVI, and H264 lossless.
Video Bitstream Data 
Any bitstream from any video codec.


For Internal Source Code, a GIT repository exists at: It is imported in the virtual machine as ~/git/vqegjeg.git