List of Publications

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List of Publications



  • Barkowsky, M., Masala, E., Van Wallendael, G., Brunnstrom, K., Staelens, N., & Le Callet, P. (2015). Objective Video Quality Assessment — Towards Large Scale Video Database Enhanced Model Development. IEICE Transactions on Communications, E-98b(1), 2–11. HAL Link to Full-Text IEICE Link
  • Shahid, M., Panasiuk, J., Van Wallendael, G., Barkowsky, M., & Lovstrom, B. (2015). Predicting full-reference video quality measures using HEVC bitstream-based no-reference features. In Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX), 2015 Seventh International Workshop on (pp. 1–2). HAL Link IEEE Link
  • Van Wallendael, G., Staelens, N., Masala, E., & Barkowsky, M. (2015). Full-HD HEVC-Encoded Video Quality Assessment Database. Ninth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics (VPQM) HAL Link to Full-Text



  • Barkowsky, M., Staelens, N., & Janowski, L. (2013). Open collaboration on hybrid video quality models – VQEG joint effort group hybrid. In Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), 2013 IEEE 15th International Workshop on (pp. 476–481). HAL Link to Full-Text IEEE Link
  • Leszczuk, M., Janowski, L., & Barkowsky, M. (2013). Freely Available Large-scale Video Quality Assessment Database in Full-HD Resolution with H.264 Coding. In Proceedings of the IEEE Globecom 2013 (Vol. -, 1). Atlanta, USA HAL Link to Full-Text IEEE Link


  • Barkowsky, M., Staelens, N., Janowski, L., Koudota, Y., Leszczuk, M., Urvoy, M., et al. (2012). Subjective experiment dataset for joint development of hybrid video quality measurement algorithms. In QoEMCS 2012 – Third Workshop on Quality of Experience for Multimedia Content Sharing (pp. 1–4). Berlin, Germany. HAL Link to Full-Text


  • Staelens, N., Sedano, I., Barkowsky, M., Janowski, L., Brunnström, K., & Le Callet, P. (2011). Standardized Toolchain And Model Development For Video Quality Assessment – The Mission Of The Joint Effort Group In Vqeg. In Proceedings of 2011 Third International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) (61). Mechelen, Belgium. HAL Link to Full-Text IEEE Link