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95 percentile:
95 percentile:
[[File:Graph hist percentile95.png|none|562px]]
99 percentile:
99 percentile:

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Agreement analysis between pairs

Comparing two processed video sequences (PVS) originating from the same uncompressed video by means of PSNR, SSIM, VIF, it is possible that:

  • all metrics agree on which sequence has the best quality;
  • one of the three metrics gives another indication.

In the latter case, considering all these pairs of sequences, the value of the other two metrics is shown in the graph below. In particular, if x is SSIM and y is VIF, it means that the metric which disagrees is the third one, i.e., PSNR. The graph shows the number of pairs that, for the specific SSIM and VIF difference, disagrees on the PSNR.


Fullimage seq01.png


Fullimage seq02.png


Fullimage seq03.png


Fullimage seq04.png


Fullimage seq05.png


Fullimage seq06.png


Fullimage seq07.png


Fullimage seq08.png


Fullimage seq09.png


Fullimage seq10.png

All together:


Prediction consistency

Selecting a given percentile value it is possible to identify a reasonable threshold for the prediction consistency of the measure with respect to the two others. Values are strongly dependent on the sequence and also on the cause of disagreement (i.e., the measure that disagrees) within the same sequence.

95 percentile:

Graph hist percentile95.png

99 percentile:

Graph hist percentile99.png