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(Links to database collection)
(Links to database collection)
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* [http://dbq.multimediatech.cz/ Qualinet multimedia databases]
* [http://dbq.multimediatech.cz/ Qualinet multimedia databases]
* Video libraries / Source contents [[SRC]]
* Video libraries / Source contents: see [[SRC]]

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Video libraries / Source contents

see SRC

Subjective test databases

This section contains a list of subjective test databases. These databases contain SRC, HRC and subjective scores. They may contain additional information such as xml files, PCAP files, etc. capturing packet-related, bitstream-related information.

  • TLABS P1201 IPTVH264HD: Audio, video and audiovisual databases for H.264-bitstream-based quality assessment of IPTV services This dataset contains one audio, two video and three audiovisual databases. They were produced for training and validating the standardized models ITU-T P.1201.2 and P.1202.2. Both models are bitstream-based no-reference models targeting IPTV services and high-resolution video sequences (Standard and High Definition). They cover compression and packet-loss impairments. Each database contains about 240 sequences. For video, the H.264 codec was used, while the audio was encoded with four different codecs (AAC-LC, HE-AAC, MP2, AC-3). Both uniform (random) and bursty losses were addressed for different types of packet-loss concealment. Databases include per-subject quality scores as well as per-frame (video and audio) and per sequence bitstream- and packet loss-related information.

Objective measurements

Links to database collection

  • Video libraries / Source contents: see SRC